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[30 Mar 2005|08:00pm]
My URL changed! Of course!

I'm now found at http://www.myspace.com/alaura
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[28 Mar 2005|05:34pm]
I'm done using xanga and livejournal- if you're interested, you can view my blong on my myspace.com profile, located here. http://profiles.myspace.com/users/17647745
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[26 Mar 2005|09:33pm]
You scored as Chinese. You should learn Chinese! Either you're of Chinese descent (and possibly already speak Chinese, but not necessarily) or you just want to be challenged. Good luck!
















What language should you learn?
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Just so long as I don't have to learn English, LOL...
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Costuming... [26 Mar 2005|09:20pm]
I've spent the last 12 hours at Kegan's place, sewing Cancan skirts. For the record, I officially don't like rufflage... We took really slick fabric and stitched it together in an A base skirt, then on the inside there was three layers of 1 foot by 15 yard fabric that had to be ruffled and shrunk down to about a third of that. I think I ironed for fours hours...

And Tanya said I might be able to get a job where she works, typing and working on web design and such. I'd work after school, and she could bring me home afterwords, which I think will be okay with my mom as she doesn't have school or anything this quarter. I'd work full hours in the summer, with weekends off. Which is very cool, because then I'd finally have money. w00t!!

I'm exhausted from standing up sewing all day, so I'm going to make this short and head off to bed.

Sam, no... I wasn't joking... ;) love ya!

Paul, I miss you! I love you, and I'm always thinking about you! ((especially when I'm burning myeslf with an iron...))

Kegan, i think i left my manga there... no worries, i'll be back next saturday to get them back. I think i have to bring my brother tho, cuz it's my day to baby-sit. Ugh... Maybe you can intimidate him enough to be good?
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Mardi Gras! [25 Mar 2005|09:35pm]
I love my friends, I really do... We are such a weird group though!!

Tonight was the Mardi Gras dance, and we were partying... I gave my mom some lame ass fabrication that she bought, that detailed my staying after school until the dance started... I went over to Rachels with Andrew, and we played DDR and hung out till Keg got there, and then we were all playing DDR again... And then I layed down on the couch cuz my legs were hurting, and Andrew sits on my stomach and Keg sits on my legs and they both started tickling me... And it wasn't the first time that night either- Andrew finds it amusing how ticklish I am, and he spent quite awhile tickling me till i begged for mercy or was laughing so hard i was crying. *shakes head* i hate to think what would have happened if Paul was there... ((screw that... i'm day dreaming about it!!!))

So then we walk to the dance and I was late (i was supposed to be taking tickets) which turned out to be fine because apparently the dance was supposed to start at 7 not 6.30 like we had though. I met Madame's husband, Rex, who is very cool. And I ate part of her dinner too >,<;;. It got to be around 7.15 and i had loads of people asking me to dance with them, and so i finally went out on the dance floor... And danced non stop for the next hour and fifteen minutes. Melina, Alicia and I were great- We went from moshing and headbanging to dancing that odd "pop" way without even thinking about it... And Rachel and I were flirting all night, which was funning to watch the reactions of people. But everybody had to come up and ask me where Paul was! I missed him too, he would have enjoyed himself i think... They played "Blue", and that song "Sipping 40oz" where the chicks going "Gonna go to the high school, go to the high school, to find me a bitch, a young virgin switch", cuz the dj had never heard the song before... it was great. Sam was so hot and sweaty though! I want to have sex with him sometime just to feel that on him... But I'm kidding, of course, so no worries Paul.

But with all the DDR and dancing, my legs are killing me. I can't put weight on my left knee at all, and my right knee is constantly crapping out on me. It sucks major ass... So I'm on painkillers again, I think I took some... um... vikoden or something... was in my pill bottle, but it's making me kinda high so i think i'm going to head to bed... ugh :P

Paul, I miss you so much! I just keep remembering yesterday though, the look on your face when I was stroking your head and you were thinking "Now here's somebody who loves me"... You looked so happy and peaceful. I love you, with all my heart, always and forever!

Sam, i'm still wearing them! ahh! and Amanda's right, that fabric does a great job of what it's supposed too... ;)

To everybody else, je t'aime and oyasuminasai!

Oh my god tho- when Madame told me to introduce myself in French to her husband, i *almost* bowed and gave my japanese introduction... would have been funny to see what he said... lol...
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